Wireless Speakers

Wireless Speakers

Is your house or flat hot wired for sound in every room, with an integrated media centre that talks to your toaster? Of course not, who’s is? It’s a nice idea, but life’s too short for the hassle.

These eminently slick Wireless Speakers require the technical ability of an incompetent badger to set up, and allow you to transport your music wirelessly around the house with ease.

They have a range of 100m, so unless you live in a palace, you’re sorted. They produce excellent solid and clear sound, and come either in a classic wood finish (the cheaper version) of for the more fashion conscious among us, a polished ‘Piano’ black or white finish.

You can connect the included transmitter to a range of audio machines, from your hi-fi to iPods, MP3 players, the TV and even Games Consoles. Free yourself from the nightmare of trailing wire, and take your music with you.

You can have this for £99.95

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  1. there are some nice speakers. The only thing that concerns me is the sound quality. Has anyone tried them? I havent found a pair of speakers to try out.

  2. Wireless stereo speakers operate in a relatively simple manner and are similar to a wireless computer. You will find there’s transmitter which can be a part of the audio device in your own home just like the stereo where the sound will come. A receiver set up is then put in the wireless speaker. The sound is transmitted for the speaker through the transmitter. The speaker receives the transmission and them emits the sound.:

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