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Wooden JCB

Wooden JCB

Whoever it was who thought of combining a JCB with a stonkingly huge wooden toy deserves some sort of an award.

This beautiful behemoth is every boys dream, whether they’re 2 or 80! Handcrafted from solid birch, and made so well you’d think it was manufactured in the 1920’s, the Wooden JCB (officially this type is called a Backhoe Loader in case you’re interested) is fully articulated so you can shovel your toys all over the place and trundle this beast about the room crushing all inferior toys into the dust.

Probably the biggest, toughest and were it possible sexiest wooden toy anyone could wish to have.


* A handcrafted JCB made from solid birch.
* Modelled on the JCB Backhoe Loader.
* Fully articulated.
* A Locking Bucket and Loader.
* Tough as old boots.
* Suitable for ages 3 years+.
* Size: 54 x 23 x 15.5cm.

You can have this for £49.95

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