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WordLock review

This is one of my favorite gadgets. The WordLock is a lock for which uses letters instead of numbers. For me this is great because I almost always forget the numbers but I remember words well.

WordLock 1

WordLock 2

WordLock 3 

WordLock is very simple to use: set the word you want to use and lock it. To unlock use the letters to form the word you’ve set.

Word Lock features:

  • uses word instead of numbers
  • has a stylish design
  • you can use it on all luggage: suitcases, bags, backpacks

One of the best feature is that is equipped with special ID codes used only by TSA when inspecting luggage. This is great because non-certified locks can be damaged during TSA screening.

WordLock review

You wont have any problems using WordLock. setting the word is super simple and after that all you have to do is to remember the word (it is a 4 letter word so you should not have any trouble memorizing it).

Where to get it

I’ve got the WordLock is available at HandPickedCollection.

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  1. This is an amazing product. I don’t like number locking because have to remember and change it frequently. But remembering wording more easy and more secure.

  2. How much does the wordlock cost?

  3. Its really an exciting product. As you said I also forget my lock numbers and get myself in trouble but this lock will make my and my family’s life easier. Thanks for sharing…

  4. I used to have one when I was a kid, it’s really nice to remember the “key”… But this kind of lock is really not common, strange actually…

  5. This looks like it would be awesome compared to a normal numbered lock. I know we use combination locks on many of our gates around our ranch, and having to give out 10-12 different combination numbers to people gets very confusing. Be nice to just have one word handle all of them and the same lock for each.

  6. I have bought a 4 dials wordlock brass padlock in a store recently and found that it could easily be opened without even knowing the password. The trick is easy to find. I don’t recommend this product.

  7. google ubersetzer

    I want to learn how much is it?

  8. Having real word as a password for a lock? It’s true that words are much easier to remember, but also they are much easier to guess especially from people who knows you well.

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