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Would you like to explore objects magnified up close in 3D? Now you can do this with Tiger Cam.

The original idea came about because I was working with toy companies on many plug-and-play TV video games. (They are those $20 games you could buy at Toys R Us or Wal Mart that plug into your TV and have video games like Disney princess, Sponge Bob, Star Wars, etc.)

I was trying to think of a new interactive video experience that you could use with your TV similar to these plug-and-play video games.

3D movies were starting to have a resurgence with Avatar coming out in the theaters, and the introduction of home TVs and Blu Ray players with 3D.

Tiger Cam

I was able to integrate 3D into an inexpensive interactive toy design without needing these new 3D TVs.

With Tiger Cam ordinary objects come to life like you have never seen them before. Seeing this tiny world with a regular magnifier or microscope is fascinating, but wait until you see this amazing world up close with incredible 3D depth.

Using the included TigerEye wireless 3D glasses, you can view high-definition full color 3D live motion images of any object put in front of the Tiger Cam.

Tiger Cam works with your standard digital television to display vivid 3D images. You don’t need a 3D compatible TV to use Tiger Cam. The TigerEye 3D glasses work with a standard digital TV! Tiger Cam connects with an HDMI cable to your digital TV. You can also use Tiger Cam with CRT analog TVs using a composite video cable.

Tiger Cam is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter:


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