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Wouldn’t It Be Great To Have An Alarm System That Is “Smart” Enough To Phone You In The Middle Of A Burglary?

There seems to be a smartphone app for just about everything nowadays – however, how many of these apps can actually offer you security and peace of mind? Well one of the latest designs in "app" technology will do exactly that. You are now able to monitor home alarm systems from a distance via your smartphone. In fact, this wonderful from of mobile app technology actually allows you to interact with your alarm system should the need ever arise.


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Notification of Any Activity


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The main use of this type of mobile app is to notify you of any activity taking place at your property (or any designated property you wish to monitor). This could range from information such as a window being left open, an alarm being tripped, or even informing you that a certain individual has used their alarm code and is now in the property. This last activity may be especially important to parents who can be put at ease by knowing that their child has returned from school.

This type of technology is obviously best suited to smartphone users, however, for those who are still happy to use their older mobile phones, many of these systems can also work via text notification. As long as you have a mobile phone signal you can be informed of anything going on in your property. As mentioned, this will range from a burglar alarm or fire alarm being tripped to something as comforting as knowing that a member of your family has arrived back on the premises.

Two-way Communication


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Mobile security applications actually allow for duel communication between your alarm system and you and vice versa. This means that you can still arm your security system from a distance or simply turn off your alarm if it happens to have been accidentally triggered. If you have cameras installed as part of your security system you can also use remote video monitoring. How comforting will it be to see your child’s beaming smile on your phone, thus informing you that they have returned from school and are safe and sound at home?

You can actually be in complete control of your property no matter where you are. Depending on how advanced your alarm system happens to be you may be able to use certain wireless apps. This type of advanced technology will allow you to lock or unlock doors, turn lights either on or off and maybe even control the temperature settings in your property remotely from your smartphone. You even have the opportunity to install additional programs that allow you to control other electrical outlets in your home and other devices and appliances – although hoping that the mobile app will help you cook dinner before you get home is probably pushing it a little too far!

Great 21st Century Technology

Mobile app security is possibly one of the greatest strides in 21st century technology and definitely something that no-one would have considered or even thought possible a number of years ago. If you happen to lead a busy family lifestyle or have your own company and premises and would like to increase the overall proficiency of your current alarm systems this is definitely something you should look into.

Raven Thorpe is a techie and works for leading firm that manufactures alarm systems in Melbourne. Security apps programming is his field of interest and tries extremely hard to bring new ideas into play. He likes expressing his views by the way of writing and so often blogs about tech issues on various blogging sites.

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