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XtremeMac Airplay Boost FM Transmitter for iPod Video

XtremeMac Airplay Boost FM Transmitter for iPod Video

A clear signal, no strings attached.Presenting the ultimate wireless solution for linking your iPod nano to any stereo.

Airplay Boost streams your music over any FM frequency. By tuning AirPlay Boost and an FM stereo to the same open frequency, you get an instant, wireless connection. Making that signal as strong as possible is AirPlay Boost’s external antenna.

This design element significantly increases how clear the transmission is. Using Airplay Boost couldn’t be easier. Three easy-access buttons right on the front of the sleek aluminum case make controlling the unit a snap.

Tuning, settings and all controls are displayed on your iPod nano screen. Airplay Boost lets you use the entire permissible FM range.

You can save and jump to the best ones with Airplay Boost’s three pre-set frequencies. Since broadcast radio varies from city to city, we include a Stereo/Mono setting to let you find the clearest signals.

Every part of Airplay Boost was designed to be easy. You get a wireless stream immediately without any installation, software or even batteries. There’s also a special pass-through connection. With it, you can charge your iPod nano with any standard dock connector charger without disconnecting Airplay Boost. Cut the cord and enjoy your iPod Video wirelessly with AirPlay Boost.


  • External antenna boosts signal for superior transmission Seamless integration with on-screen display and tuning
  • Three programmable station presets Pass-through dock connector lets you charge for unlimited playtime
  • Stereo and mono modes allow for selection of clearest transmission Matches exact width of iPod video for a sleek look

No batteries needed, powered by iPod video Compatible with:5th Generation (Video) 30GB, 60GB, 80GBAvailable in White

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