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YBA is back with its launch of universal DVD player. It is a hi-fi DVD player better than the traditional cinema. YBA YM501 DVD Player contains latest technology which provides high level audio and video performance. The YBA YM501 DVD Player is rendered with recent converter which converts the audio and video in an excellent quality. This charismatic DVD player comes with 24bit /192KHZ conversion which supports and reads all recent media formats including Mp3, DVD video, DVD audio, XVID and DivX 3.11/4./Pro. It also plays and has DVD+RW media. This DVD player supports Dolby digital decoding. It also reads data from a data disc or USB flash drive or USB port. It supports 10 bit/ 27 kHz video, PAL and NTSC video formats. It is an Effective media player. The media docker can confine one disc at a moment and it makes easier to hold too.

This black colored attractive YBA YM501 counter top DVD Player descends with compact size and light weight. This attractive player has potentiated features and functions which gives you the best performance out of this media player. The YBA YM501 DVD player is the ideal companion for multi channel home theatre, large plasmas, LCDs or projectors. It is installed with HD (1080i) up scaling capabilities.

When compared with other YBA Designed products, this DVD Player offers an unlittered attractive look to match not only with other YBA Design products but to your imagination and other latest players in the market. The base of the player is made up of stainless steel which holds complete support at the bottom. It is an elegant entertainment player to all lifestyles. It is a satisfactory product which provides huge sort of entertainment which matches with all other media components and it makes you feel prouder at the moment you uncrate this universal media player.

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    It looks beautiful! But is there really a market for DVD players? If it was blu-ray compatible this would be a very desirable product.

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