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Z.buds the best Earbuds for iPhone I have tested so far

These days I had the opportunity to play with Z.buds. These are the best earbuds for iPhone I have tested so far: the noise level is reduced to minimum.

Featuring voice integration and a unique cord design, the Z.buds by ZAGG function as both high-end earbuds and a hands-free headset for all iPhone and iPod models.


The aspect of the earbuds and the included accessories is classy to mach with the iPhone style.

In the Z.buds pack you will find:

  • the Z.buds itself (the smart handsfree set for the iPhone)
  • multiple earbud adaptors for all ear sizes
  • and the bag to put the earbuds and the accessories


  • Rich, responsive sound from superior speakers
  • “Hangin’ tight” wearable – wear Z.buds around neck
  • Built-in music control for iPhone
  • In-line volume control
  • Multiple sliders for better cord management
  • 3.5mm jack compatible with first gen iPhone
  • Multiple earbud adaptors for all ear sizes
  • Why I like Z.buds

    • the sound quality is great
    • the exterior noise is reduce to minimum and you can use the iPhone in very noisy situations.
    • the design mach with the iPhone and iPod
    • also I like the design of the bag where you can put the earbuds and the accessories

    Pricing and availability

    The Z.buds are available at Zagg.com and they cost $79.

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    1. This is great! I’ve been looking for a new pair of iPhone earbuds. These look cool. I’ll have to try them out.

    2. Good headphones are a must if you’re going to use your iPhone as a music player on a regular basis. The noise reduction is important too, handy for when you are on the train or in the city.

    3. i need a uk cost

    4. You can try to contact Zagg to ask them about UK price and delivery

    5. Sounds like I need to give the Z.buds a try. I currently use the Bose headphones that are ~$100 and like them a lot but they’re not very good at noise reduction.


    6. noise cancelling earbud

      Hey, since we’re on the subject of headphones and whatnot, anybody know of a way to keep the cords from tangling every time I put ’em in my pocket, bag, leave them around, or whatever else? Those things get tangled no matter what I do with them >.>

    7. I have these headphones and love’em, thanks a lot for review. Cheers.

    8. This earphone look cool..I love the quality with the nylon cord and the metal housing. It feels really solid and well built..

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